Smart Cities

Smart City Smart Infrastructure and Smart Services Acceleration

With our strategic partners we offer unique Smart City (SC), Infrastructure and Solution advisory services. We focus on validating business plans, creating Smart City organizational models, technology planning and introduction, as well as vendor evaluation and investor liaison. - As people who have helped build these cities and advise the builders we provide real-life experience.


The Smart Cities Opportunity and Danger

Smart cities offer revolutionary economic, technological, and social transformation opportunities but no “magic” blueprints exist that are universally applicable--especially for revolutionary large city building projects targeting migration of millions of people. Economic and construction industry challenges over the last 24 months also increase risk and cost to smart city development since the business and ROI assumptions have become more pessimistic or subject to change.

We have worldwide experience of providing critical creative input to Smart City developers, regulators, investors and service providers.

Direct experience of doing Smart City projects. We have worked on a variety of projects around the world e.g. in Asia-Pacific, Canada, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.  These are of different scale—from city-wide expansion and green field to campus and enterprise development projects.

No "one-size" fits all.

It is a common misunderstanding that a single “model” can be applied across all Smart City projects.  In reality, each project needs to be designed uniquely—there may be templates and best practices which can be reused but there is no single recipe for success.  Managing this misunderstanding is a crucial skill and is often overlooked.

International complexity. 

Our broad geographic experience ranges from within the EU to Saudi Arabia to Dubai to Singapore, Asia and North America.  There is a very extensive cultural aspect in managing Smart City projects in these different regions--particularly in emerging/transforming markets.

Managing across different constituencies from the operator to the regulator and beyond.

We work with external strategy consultants to reality check and make implementable their recommendations, operator/developers and regulators ranging from National telco regulators to investment authorities. We are expert at managing vendors and vendor influence on Smart City projects and the surrounding evaluation and planning processes.

Rapid strategy assessment.

A problem we have seen a number of times is that strategic goals at a national or regional level are not connected to a workable plan or defined set of goals and expectations.  This is particularly dangerous for ICT projects since decision makers may not fully understand the complexity of what needs to be delivered at an infrastructure and services level (e.g. QuadPlay, Network Operations Centre, regulatory requirements, interconnect, unified billing, etc).  We have been brought into a number of projects to provide this “strategy bridge.”

Rapid supplier evaluation.

We have developed a rapid supplier assessment methodology (RAVS) that is designed to robustly yet quickly evaluate vendor offerings against common criteria and specific customer needs.  It has been pivotal in reducing evaluation fatigue in our clients and neutralizes efforts by suppliers to get around the defined process.

Deep regional experience.

Extensive experience across Europe, the Middle-East, Africa, North America and the Asia-Pacific region. We particularly enjoy (and seek) work in emerging and transforming markets.

Organizational models.

As Smart City operators go from plan to build and run we are being asked to design new organizational models that bridge the experience of best practices and knowledge of what has gone before/how it has been done elsewhere with potential future or “new age” organizational models and relationships with operators (e.g. centralized, distributed or mesh operations).

Help with investor management.

We are increasingly asked to participate in investor conversations to explain Smart City philosophies, their true economic models and opportunities are to augment the funding conversations at the government/family office/bank level.

Rollout and implementation selection and management.

We provide strategic programme management and provide coaching and skills transfer for Smart Cities projects as they go into implementation.