What we do

Our three operating units work together to provide an integrated range of services to meet a client’s needs

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1. Globus Consulting Strategy
  • High level advice on strategic planning, policy formulation and business development including new business types introductions and tactical or strategic changes. This can include the Globus RARD (Rapid assessment and Roadmap Development), process, (click here to see an example of the RARD process)
  • Technical strategy and designs in infrastructure or services
  • Transactional support for joint ventures mergers and acquisitions
  • Organizational change advice
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2. Globus Consulting Consultancy
  • Market research, analysis and strategy
  • Business planning and modelling
  • Tactical implementation, migration, go to market plans
  • Technical evaluations and redesigns takingt into account new technologies and business strategies
  • Legal and regulatory expertise and advice
  • Organizational engineering
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3. Globus Consulting Implementation Management
  • Interim management of start up or migration activities
  • Bid/RFT/RFQ process assistance and creation to EU and USA public standards utilizing the Globus RAVS (Rapid Assesment & Vendor Selection) process (Click here to see example of the RAVS process” )
  • Vendor Pilot/POC reviews and reports
  • Vendor selection and outsourcing assistance to EU and USA public standards
  • Sales and marketing team go to market planning, training and management, including the use of our industry standard methodology and tools (SWAT – Strategic Workflow And Tactics)
  • Project organization and implementation

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